Tuesday in Kensington and at Second City

We awoke late on Tuesday and set out to purchase Second City tickets at the booth about 20 long blocks east of the hotel. We were fortunate to arrive when we did as the booth guy told Rich that this was opening night for SC and they had called and told them to stop selling as it was approaching a sellout. We may have got the last three tickets.

We then headed west to Kensington, a hipster neighborhood of coffee shops and second hand clothing stores.

Andrew was totally in his element, poring over the clothing racks until he bought a military surplus shirt. Rich and I stayed outside to people watch.

And there was a lot to see.

An interesting neighborhood, to be sure.

We then walked a couple of miles further west and circled back to the hotel to get ready for the show tonight.

Well, photos were forbidden, so this will have to do.

The show was hilarious, the six performers were great and we were seated at the second row of tables. But the clear highlight for us was when, during the last skit before the intermission, the narrator of the aquarium sketch mentioned Akiko the octopus. Suddenly, the spotlight hit Andrew sitting on the aisle and one of the cast “swam” to him, enveloped him with a hula hoop and brought him up on stage. With the help of his natural talent (i.e. About three beers), he danced around with the cast and got huge applause. The reviews from the intermission crowd lined up at the men’s room were boffo, as they say. We tried, but were unable to obtain a video of the performance. The Manager said it was against Actor’s Equity rules to provide recordings.

Too bad, it was a memorable end to another fine day.

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