A Rough Passage

We left AC under power at 6:57am into a very choppy channel. The biblical torrents of last night mostly abated and it was only drizzling. After a rough, rolling 40 minutes the seas improved and we began heading north, about a mile offshore.

By 8:30 it stopped raining and we are about 7 miles up the coast under overcast skies with our decision point about 21 miles ahead. We will decide at Barnagut Light whether to duck in there or head to Sandy Hook, 30 miles further north. Making Sandy Hook would be ideal. Seas are calmer, but only relatively. We have the jib set.

10:30pm – Still moving north. Jib furled. Light rain

1:30pm – Off Lanoka Harbor. Rain stopped. Motoring with Jib up . Socked in fog. Viz about half mile.

1:47pm – Heavy rain. Limited viz.

2:00pm. – Passed trawler that loomed out of fog half mile dead ahead. Clearing up.

6:45pm – Approaching Sandy Hook. Anticipating last of many squalls as we circle to tie up at restaurant. 7 knots. No sails. Hazy with 3 miles viz.

8:30pm – Dock at Bahr’s Marina in Highland NJ after very slow crawl in the dark down a long line of unlit piers. Watching Bruins on Doug’s jury rigged laptop-Android setup as we come in. We tie up and head to the recommended Chubby Pickle restaurant to eat and watch game. Decent food, great game.

Tomorrow we leave for Verrazano Narrows, NY harbor, and Hell Gate on the East River, all in bright sunshine.

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