Hockey in Portland

In what’s become kind of a mini-tradition, Rich and I once again trekked north to see some non-NHL hockey in the week after Christmas. He is usually on vacation at this time and I am, of course, also available.

It is, frankly, cold and miserable in Portland today (Wednesday, the 26th). About 25 degrees and overcast, gray and forbidding. We are prepared for the weather though and take a walk along the waterfront. We are quickly accosted by a gentleman who opens with “I’m not just a drunk…”. He is evidently so much more. When we decline to give him the requested few bucks, he responds with a loud, profane, incoherent rant. Gawd, the stench of “tourist” must be upon us.

OK. Yeah, tourist.

Some folks just have a knack for choosing vacation venues.

Expecting 6-8 inches of snow here tomorrow, so it looks like an afternoon movie is in the offing before the Pirates-Bruins game tomorrow night.

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