The Petnehazy Club Hotel

We were very happy with the Petnehazy Club Hotel. It is located in northwest Budapest and has a main building with reception desk and about 30 studio apartments on two floors, as well as about 15 or so cabins arranged around the front of the property.

On adjacent property are an equestrian school and a Boy Scout camp, but they are several hundred yards from the hotel rooms.

We were fortunate to have a cabin. It had two bedrooms, a sitting room, a porch, a full kitchen, a TV (Hello CNN) and a bathroom with a shower. The bathroom had a sauna, but we never used it. There were no screens but bugs were never an issue. The weather hovered around 65-75° every day and we only had one day of rain, Tuesday.

Master bedroom.

Sitting room. Note the careful placement of important belongings by the obviously seasoned travelers.

View of the cabin entrance door with the scenic countryside in the distance. We kept noticing how fresh and clean the air smelled. Except when you walked past the equestrian school, of course, where it got a bit “horsey”. But that was down the road on the way to the bus stop.

Rear of cabin showing our porch.

The kitchen.

We had several excellent, inexpensive meals in the hotel restaurant, located in the main building.The food was ethnic and delicious, the staff was friendly and attentive, the menu was in English and the WiFi was uninterrupted. Note my iPad on the table where Betty is checking emails on her phone.

Only drawback: the hotel’s rural character was made possible by its location at the top of a dark, badly paved, fairly steep 800 meter country road. To get to the store or the bus stop, it was a fairly pleasant 15 minute walk down the hill. Returning with bags of food from the bus stop after dark was a bit of a daunting climb, but our peak physical conditioning (?) and our trusty iPhone flashlight app pulled us through.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone. Quiet, self-contained, very clean and well maintained with a great on-site restaurant. And, of course, maid service.

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