I’m still standing…

Although I have greatly overestimated my ability to convalesce and blog at the same time. I do expect to be home sometime this week, whereupon I will tie up all the loose ends I can.

Thanks so much! I’ll be in touch.

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4 Responses to I’m still standing…

  1. Steve English says:

    Glad you are healing. i bet they would let you take one of those johnnies home if you have become attached to the idea of making a fashion statment with one of those!

  2. Linda Bornstein says:

    Cheering you on…XOXO

  3. Beth Kelly says:

    Hi Jeff, I,m so glad you are doing well and soon on your way home!! We have thought about you a lot this past week! I just read all your posts since the admission and honestly you are the BEST writer!!! You have made me smile all the way through what I know from working as a nurse (although many years go) in a hospital is not a fun experience!!! Down right terrifying is more like it!!! Thanks for sharing it all with us with all your humor and grace. I know that by writing it all down and sharing it that you have and will help many others cope better when their turn comes! You are the best! Take care…and my best to Betty and kids. Beth

  4. Dennis K says:

    Hi Jeff – Spoke to Betty yesterday and thought I would check in and see how you are doing and here I am. Glad you are going to be coming home, I’m sure. and and I look forward to seeing you back in the Cove. Best to catch up then and you can fill me in. Anything you need let me know.

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