we arrived at the hospital at 7:00am, one half hour earlier than requested. It’s a thirty mile drive but traffic was nothing on Sunday morning. Then I had two CAT scans and was asked by the tech to sit outside and await my sceduled MRI. After two hours, I approached the desk and she said “Who told you you had an MRI scheduled?”

“Hal, it was Hal.”

Hal showed up in an apologetic mood and removed my IV and released us to go to admitting.

Betty and I were sitting in the room when we heard my roommate told that he would be discharged in 20 minutes. We immediately asked if we could move to his premium position by the window. Yes!

Jessie arrived with delicious smelling Au Bon Pain coffee. I, unfortunately, am forbidden any kind of food. I will get an IV later today. Yum. Dr. Clancy feels that would be best, so that’s that I guess.

My nurse, Matt (who looks like Peter Scolari) moved me over and Betty and Jessie left for lunch.

Met with anesthesiologist who explained about getting tubes placed and that kind gory stuff. I was reassured I would be comatose for the worst parts. Very nice, like everyone else I’ve met here, even the ones stabbing me with various needles and implements.

The girls are back and we’re watching Pats/Lions (27-6, good guys) on the tiny square TV and hand-held speaker. I will eventually have to put on the stupid johnny but I’m going to wait until everyone has left.

Pats won! I need a nap, since I can’t eat.

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  1. Gypsy says:

    Good luck today!

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