We have an Expedited Schedule.

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So. When we last left our hero, he and Betty were bravely (more or less) biding their time before his multiple scheduled CT scans the day before Thanksgiving, to be followed by the main event on the Monday after.

Thursday evening, Dr. Clancy called and said that he didn’t think the stent installed at SSH was working fast enough so he wanted to replace it with a larger metal one at B&WH. We talked about trying to shoehorn what amounts to day surgery in Boston between my other appointments as well as his.

This morning his sidekick, Emily, called and asked us if we would be willing to be admitted this Sunday, do the scans then and get the operation over with on Monday, the 24th. No need then for stent change. With all the rescheduling going on as doctors try to work around the holidays, it would be easier for all concerned.

We leaped at it as the lovely and competent Emily had offered to take one week off of our worrying time and I would also get back to real life one week sooner. And the hellish commuting back and forth to the medical district would be greatly diminished (for me, anyway)

So Monday is Scalpel Day. Oh boy!

Prudent preparations must be made.

Because I usually pay the bills online on my iMac, I have spent the last few hours writing out bill paying info and life insurance info and other tips and hints for Betty to help her keep the ship going until my return. Seems just a tiny bit creepy and macabre, but I should have had the notes prepared all along. Right?

I will miss Thanksgiving, but smelling all that great Polish food and being unable to eat most of it would have been tough. Not to mention the wan smiles and sympathetic looks I would endure all day as my loving extended family rehashed the details of every medical success and failure the family has seen over the past decades.

Since I must miss Thanksgiving, I now want to walk in on Christmas Eve and have everyone be remarking about how good I look. That’s my goal. That’s where I plan to be.

A thought. I know chemo makes you bald, but I only have about 40 hairs left on my head anyway, so duh. But does all that senior citizen gorilla hair on my torso, my ears, nose and everyplace else go too?

And what about beards? If you know about these deep mysteries please answer my questions in the comments.

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2 Responses to We have an Expedited Schedule.

  1. Gypsy says:

    I have a 20 year old son who went through a fairly aggressive chemo when he was a toddler and even though he was just a fuzzy little rugrat at the time, ALL of his body hair went bye bye, including his eyelashes and nose hairs. On the other hand, my cancer treatment didn’t affect my hair at all. One thing I can definitely give you a head’s up on is no matter what, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You and your skin will thank you. And good luck on Monday! Happy thoughts coming your way!

  2. Jan Childs says:

    Jeff, its a real shitty way to avoid the expense of a Brazilian, yes you will be hairless!

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