“Gone Girl” is a great movie.

Gone Girl

By the time we made plans to meet Cathy and Joe for an early afternoon Senior’s Special at the Regal Cinemas, I had only scanned a few review headlines for this movie and I didn’t know what to expect. Many reviewers seemed unsure if they liked the movie and much of the discussion seemed to focus on whether Ben Affleck’s character was a “good guy” or not.

But we saw it and it was great. I hadn’t read the book, so every twist and turn caught me by surprise, although I have to admit that the actual plot is laid out pretty plainly as the movie progresses.

Affleck was his usual charming best and Rosamund Pike, who played his wife (the “Gone Girl” of the title) was superb. As her ex-boyfriend, Neil Patrick Harris was creepily good. Even Tyler Perry, who was god-awful in “Alex Cross”, did a fine job as the super lawyer specializing in defending wife murderers.

Great flick. I recommend you see it.

So do it.

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