Toronto Wrap-up


Yes, we spent four days in Toronto and I’ve only written up Sunday to Tuesday. Both Wednesday and Thursday (go home day) were pretty laid back.

Wednesday, Rich and I let Andrew roam on his own while we two hit the Hockey Hall of Fame and then walked around the waterfront.


I was able to hug my favorite chalice for the second time in six weeks. The thrill doesn’t wear off, boys. We waited about ten minutes in a line of children to get our pictures taken with the Cup. This is my third such hug, having done so at the Montreal 2009 All-Star week as well. Then we headed south to walk along the waterfront.


Like much of Toronto, the waterfront was bustling with commerce and construction. 


We came across some tourist boats offering a one hour cruise around the harbor islands, chose the one with the cutest guide and got on board.


Sarah kept up her well-practiced patter as she described the islands we were passing and the history of the area. Captain Eric, (who looked about 17, I think) steered the largely empty boat in slow motion through the narrow passages. It was hot, but with a pleasant breeze. Sarah told us we were passing one of the only two “clothing optional” beaches in Canada. Of course, it was hidden behind trees, saving us the eyestrain.


The city is really beautiful from the water and the trip was well worth the $13 Senior Citizen tickets.

We met Andrew back at our hotel in Chinatown and walked to Little Italy, where we had a great Italian dinner for short money. We sat outside and watched the world go by and chatted with our waitress whose grandmother evidently cooked up my lasagna. My compliments to the chef.

Thursday morning we checked out and started driving home. We had decided to avoid the Niagara Falls traffic by heading north and east out of Toronto and crossing into New York at Route 81. Well, the only glitch was that the GPS didn’t cover Canada and we had to navigate using Trip Advisor City Guide on my iPhone. Since we had no cell coverage and no GPS, we were flying blind as soon as we left Toronto city center. Our ad hoc “Tour de Toronto” took about two hours until we finally stumbled across the 401 and then drove east for about 200 miles to the crossing.

There is a lot of Ontario, as I’ve said before, and a bunch of New York, as well. We split the driving, letting Andrew take a leg on the western Mass Pike. I had never ridden with him before and was impressed with his intensity behind the wheel. We got home in the early evening, they gave Betty a hug, and headed back to Taunton.

Toronto twice in six weeks? Totally worth it. It’s a big cosmopolitan city with walkable ethnic neighborhoods and theaters, concerts and festivals running throughout the summer. Think New York, but with cleaner streets and super nice people.

I know I’m fortunate to be able to visit so many cool places. And I’m lucky to have my friends Rich and Andrew who are comfortably easy to travel with. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.


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