The Skookum Lady

My son Doug and I took Spirit Air to Atlantic City to meet up with Steve, Beth and Ricky at Steve’s boat. He was berthed at the Marina behind the Golden Nugget so that should be easy, right?

Well, to our surprise, there were no taxis at the AC airport. None. And no taxi line up. Take the shuttle? What shuttle? We finally found a van going to the hotel “next door” and walked the .8 miles to the dock.

Not a bad walk, really, but I can see why this ain’t Vegas. No infrastructure.

The boat is really cool and Steve is justifiably proud of the work he has done. Naturally, knowing Steve, the electronics suite is state-of-the-art. So great to be invited along.

The Captain at the Seat of Command.

Since we’re not sailing until tomorrow (Sunday), Doug and I checked out the Boardwalk for three hours or so. A bit downscale but fun. I now don’t have to wonder what AC is like. It’s not like Boardwalk Empire.

Back to the boat for a bit then Bruins-Penguins game 1. Doug and I were more insistent on the game than the others so we spent our time at a bar in the Nugget where a friendly bartender put the game on.

More tomorrow. Go Bruins.

The Steel Pier.

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