Hungarian Brunch

We attended the Sunday RCI meeting to plan some tours and, almost as an afterthought, signed up for the Sunday Brunch at the hotel because the timing meshed with the Sunday Danube cruise. We were expecting a run of the mill buffet but it turned out to be an elegant meal with lots of exotic Hungarian dishes in a beautiful function room.

We tried:
Ewe cheese cream with smoked cheese
Carrot salad with thyme and garlic flavored mayonaise
Tripe stew with salted potatoes
Catfish soup with infields
Crispy pork shank poured with beer
Home smoked grilled ham with honey and roast pear
Blood sausage
And indescribable desserts

Everything was claimed to be made in-house, and was delicious.

Oh, and there was a strolling string trio that played all during the meal. Like on the Titanic, but the tables weren’t all sliding around.

Betty even sang along with “Doe, a deer” and requested “New York, New York”. Did I mention they had wine?

Veddy nize, veddy nize.

A few pix.

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