Birthday Boy

As my 64th birthday approached, I was unenthusiastic for approximately the 43rd consecutive year. I have a mirror, I understand what the actuarial tables are telling me. But I’m in good shape [considering] if a bit lazy lately. I do notice how the hot weather is a bitch this year. That has to be age related. How the hell do old people move to Florida or Arizona? Getting caught there in the summertime would probably kill me.

Anyway, considering the only alternative, I’ll take 64. A bunch of friends sent me greetings on FB and the folks in the Sales Department remembered me as well, which makes me feel good.

The kids came over and we all went to the Marshfield Fair to celebrate. Had a great time. My first deep fried Twinkie was disappointingly mediocre. Saw the Demo Derby trial heats for 4 cylinder cars. This year it was a race around a double figure-8. Then the three entered minivans did a traditional demolition derby smash out. Fun.

Betty, me, Jessie, Tim and Doug.

The highlight, of course, was hanging out with the family.

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