A “Typical Hungarian Evening”

On Monday evening we were transported to Castle Hill to see Budapest at night and then on to a dinner accompanied by a performance of the Hungarian Folk Ensemble at a local restaurant. Oh, goody.

As stated, on past vacations I’ve found this stuff to be schmaltzy and awkward displays of embarrassing ethnic stereotypes by resentful locals. But hey, what the hell.

First, to Castle Hill for the view.

Buda Castle (now the National Museum) and the Danube.

Just a nice shot.

And now the Folk Dinner!

As we walked in the door, we were given a small glass of the national drink, Palinka, a traditional fruit brandy. It tasted like a cross between acetone and turpentine with about a 60% alcohol content. After having one, I began to understand why these folks were always at war with someone. And losing. Half a pint of Palinka and you’re marching on Vienna. If you could find it.

But the dancing and singing was really entertaining and the food was great. We really enjoyed ourselves and the plentiful wine wasn’t (totally) the reason.

There was surprisingly good music.

Lots of spirited dancing.

And I mean lots. here the local girls demonstrate they can dance without spilling a drop from the wine flasks on their heads.

A real “wine shooter”. We drank the wine quickly just to have him refill the glass. Only reason.

A fun place with excellent beef goulash (soup) and plates full of… other good stuff.

And wine. I mentioned wine, right?

All in all, a memorable night of entertainment.

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